More Than We Ask For

SpeakerPastor Derrel Strickland

ScripturesMark 2:1-12, 1 Peter 1:2-102:12

Summary: All of us were crippled when we came to Jesus. Our health may have been fantastic, but we were crippled in other ways--especially Spiritually. Thank God someone saw this crippled man and introduced him to Jesus. What if every believer looked for a cripple man this week and brought them to the Master. I will assure you they would get more than they ask for.

In the Shadow of the Temple

Easter Sunday 2015

SpeakerPastor Derrel Strickland

ScripturesJohn 5:1-14, Luke 13:31-35, Ephesians 1:1 & 12, 2 Chronicles 29:14-15

Summary: In John Chapter 5, Jesus was in Jerusalem for a feast, very possibly the Passover. During the ceremony, he goes out of the temple and, not far away, he finds a multitude of hurting people. Inside the temple, people were celebrating. But just outside, we could say within the shadow of the temple, people were crying. Today, Easter Sunday, thousands will gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ--and well they should! But the sad thing is that, within the shadows of our temples, men are crying and dying, needing someone to help them. Jesus left the splendor of Glory to fulfill that need. Can we do less? Can't we slip outside the doors of our temples and find the hurting and minister hope in the name of Christ?