Give Me The Real Thing

Speaker: Pastor Derrel Strickland

Scriptures: Ephesians 1:3-10, Habakkuk 2:18, 2 Kings 17:8-15

Summary: One of the definitions for idols is a substitute for God. Isn't it sad that the world offers so many substitutes for God? What is even more sad is that way too often we Christians settle for something far less that the one true God. I don't desire a substitute. I desire the real thing!

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The Law Couldn't, God Did

Speaker: Pastor Derrel Srickland

Scriptures: Isaiah 41:21-24, Romans 8:1-8, Isaiah 57:8-12, 19-21, Romans 9:29-33, 1 Corinthians 6:14, Acts 2:22-24

Summary: Paul said "what the Law couldn't do God did."  We often encounter things in our life that we can't handle on our own, by our works, or by rules and regulations. But when we encounter things bigger than us God did, can, and will take care of.