speed the light

God Is Calling You

Speaker: Jeff Staudte

Scriptures: Judges 6:11-16

Jeff Staudte, Director of Youth Development in Pen. Florida, former Youth Pastor from right here at OAG, and former Missionary to Austria and Belgium, shares about missions and Speed-the-Light. In this message, Pastor Jeff uses the Scripture in Judges chapter 6 about Gideon's call to ministry and first assignment to show that when God calls you, He will equip and empower you to do the ministry He is calling you to do. And today, God is calling you!

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Speaker: Pastor J. Daniel Hahn

Scriptures: Acts 10:27-29, Acts 11:1-3, Acts 15:1

Summary: God pours out his grace on us with extravagance! Our response to him should also be extravagance! But sometimes we stand in the way of his plans. Watch and discover four reasons we tend to stand in the way. Inspired by Missionary Joe Gordon and West Florida District Superintendent Terry Raburn.