Missions Opportunities

At OAG, we believe the missio Dei, the "mission of God", is the advancement of the Kingdom through the preaching of the Gospel, the testimony of Jesus to the entire inhabited earth. If we search the Scriptures, from beginning to end, from Genesis to Revelation, we will find evidence in each and every book of the missio Dei. And, therefore, the nature of our movement, the nature of Christianity, is missions.

We also believe that missions is a team effort. It is next to impossible to go on to the mission field without support from the home constituency. King David recognized this truth regarding the service of those unable to participate in a frontline battle in 1 Samuel 30. Missionaries rely on the support of multitudes of men and women service in the support offices who contribute to publications, media, administration, fundraising, preparing and editing of books, and many other tasks. What makes everything possible, however, are the multitudes who are committed to prayer, financial giving, and the care of the missionary’s family at home. These people provide the spiritual, moral, and financial foundation without which missions could not exist.

This is why we have so many projects dedicated to missions. Missions trips, fundraisers, and other projects are always going on. There is so much work to do, and we must work while it is day, for the night is close at hand when it will be too late.

This page is a list of our missions projects. Here you can sign-up for email updates, participate in fundraisers and missions trips, and even give towards the projects.

Supported Missionaries

OAG supports 103 Missionaries and 24 Missions Organizations for a total of $8612, plus $357 in individual giving on a monthly basis. Our one-time offering in July 2018 was $2600 (Disaster Relief). For the 2017 Calendar Year, our total one-time offering was $49,050 (not including monthly support). And none of these numbers include the individual departmental missions projects you'll find listed below. So when we say we are serious about missions, we are serious, and we put our money where our beliefs are.

Missions Trips

We currently have several Missions Trips planned for 2018 and 2019. Many of the details are still being nailed down, but what we do know is listed here.

OMEGA Missions Team

OMEGA Missions Team trips for 2018-2019:

  • Dublin, GA: Teen Challenge—DONE!

    • March 2018

    • Light construction work

    • Both men and women

  • Cuba—DONE!

    • April 15-22, 2018

    • Construction work

    • Men only

  • Cuba—DONE!

    • June 17, 2018

    • Construction work

    • Men only

  • Dublin, GA: Teen Challenge—DONE!

    • August 19-24, 2018

    • Light construction work

    • Both men and women

  • Cuba—DONE!

    • January 26-February 2, 2019

    • Construction work

  • Dublin, GA: Teen Challenge—DONE!

    • April 7-12, 2019

    • Light construction work

    • Both men and women

  • Cuba—DONE!

    • May 4-May 11, 2019

    • Construction work

There are many opportunities to be a part of the OMEGA Missions Team, and the more interest we have, the more trips and outreaches that can be planned. If you are interested in being a part of any OMEGA Missions Team projects, would like to donate, or just want more information, use the form below to contact the OMEGA Coordinator.

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Recent Missions Trips/Events

The Shores Outreach-June 2019

On June 24-28, 2019, Pastor Craig led a missions team to Shores Assembly of God in Ocala to do a week-long outreach. Each morning, from 9am-Noon, our team led approximately 100 children through a WOC Chapel-style service, complete with games, object lessons, illusions, puppets, kid's worship songs, and a Bible Lesson. 

Miami, FL-June 2019

The Miami Outreach was a week-long missions trip for teenagers on June 11-15.  Pastor Amanda took a small group of 3 girls to join the 100+ other students from around our district in Miami. The ministry activities on this trip included:

  • Children's Carnivals, including games, water balloons, face-painting, music, Bible lesson, etc.

  • Street ministry with spectacle evangelism, including dancing, clowns, dramas, games, etc.

  • Service projects, including local park/school/neighborhood cleanup, soup kitchens, outreach centers, etc.

The Travelers-June 2019

Our VBS theme this year was “The Travelers", a faith-based Summer event for all kids Pre-K through the 6th grade. It was held Sunday-Wednesday, June 16-19, from 6:30-8:30pm. Some of the special features included:

  • Petting Zoo

  • Popcorn

  • Water Night

  • Cotton Candy

  • Craft Night

  • Cookies Grab Bag

  • Game Night

  • Snow Cones

  • And more fun than kids could handle!

And every included lots of giveaways, puppets, games, a Bible story, skits, and all kinds of fun with our Ignited Kids Team.

Department Missions Programs



BGMC is Ignited Kids missions project for kids that instills a heart of compassion to reach the lost through praying, giving, and going. All funds raised through BGMC go to meet critical needs around the world such as feeding programs, water wells, Bible schools, curriculum, and whatever else a missionary needs in their part of the world.

The Girls' Ministries and Royal Rangers each have missions programs as well that go towards BGMC Projects.



STL is the missions project of Amplify Student Ministries at OAG. STL is the student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that provides much-needed equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world. The concept is simple: we give so others can speed the light of the gospel to a world in darkness. This is accomplished by providing the "essential transportation and creative communication" equipment for missionary evangelism. Through modern transportation, radio, television, print, audio, and digital equipment, our missionaries can help make Jesus known.

Touch the World


Touch the World is the missions endeavor for the national Assemblies of God Women’s Ministries. The Touch the World offerings provide funds for household goods for our Peninsular Florida missionaries.  This includes everything from helping them with funds for household appliances to linens and more. Additionally, missionaries in certain countries receive personalized medical kits containing medications, ointments, disposable supplies, equipment, and a library of field health manuals. Missionary medical kits and some medical services – including a 24-hour on call emergency service – are provided through offerings to Touch the World.

In addition to the above, our church's Women's Ministries Missions projects includes support for 2 lady missionaries and 2 Child Hope children.

Light for the Lost


Light for the Lost (LFTL) serves to “empower the church to provide God’s Word for every person on the planet.” Providing a variety of resources such as audio, visual, and printed materials, LFTL has one guiding principle: all Light For The Lost assistance must be to provide resources directly related to evangelism.

As part of Celebrate the Light, the Section 4 churches (our church is in Section 4 of the Pen Florida District Assemblies of God, about a 3 county area) annually host a Celebrate the Light banquet. This banquet is an opportunity to connect the congregation with the mission of LFTL and allow each person to prayerfully stand with those who are in the harvest fields and give of their resources to equip missionaries with evangelism materials to reach the lost. What better way to celebrate Him than by partnering with missionaries and providing them the means to tell others about Him?

Give to Missions

It's easy to give to missions at OAG! Just head over to EasyTithe, our online giving platform to give.