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May It Be Unto Me As You Have Said

DECEMBER 2, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Derrel Strickland

ScripturesLuke 1:26-55, Luke 2:16-20, Mark 3:20-22, John 2:1-10

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the first to carry the gospel. We also might say she was the first believer. Out of all mankind, she was chosen by God to carry His only begotten son. What an honor! What a responsibility!

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2018 Fall Revival with Allen Griffin

The Aroma
Sun., Oct. 14, 10am

Cross the Line
Sun., Oct. 14, 6:30pm

Modern Problems
Mon., Oct. 15, 7pm

Heroes and Villains
Tues., Oct. 16, 7pm

State of Emergency
Wed., Oct. 17, 7pm

The Battle Series, by Pastor Strickland

The Battle, Part 1

There is a battle raging, a battle not against flesh and blood but a spiritual battle. It's a battle that Christians win but only through what God has done, not what we do. Satan, the Adversary is seeking whom he may devour but greater is He that is within us than He that is in the world.

The Battle, Part 2

We know we are in a battle. Satan has been battling God since recorded time. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but it is a spiritual battle and praise be to God we win.

The Battle, Part 3

Although the battle was won at Calvary and the empty tomb, we still face battles on a daily basis. We encourage ourselves when we realize the battle has already been won. We are not fighting alone, and the battle is not over until God says it's over.

Featured Messages from the rest of our Pastoral Staff

We often limit our fellowship to just church functions and with very close friends. But we see in Scripture that Jesus ate his way through the Gospels. He used private meals to share important life lessons, and more often than not, He dined with sinners!

The traps are set; the bait is in place. It's enticing, it's comfortable, it's familiar, it's friendly, and it's there just for the taking. Is it camouflage? Is it in plain sight? The Trapper knows where and how to set his traps.

Philippians chapter 2 teaches us that thoughtfulness leads to friendliness, friendliness leads to empathy, and empathy fuels missions.
If we truly want revival to breakout in our churches, our city, our state, our nation, and our world, we must get into God’s presence. The good news is the same pattern that got Israel into God’s presence will get us into God’s presence. The cost for revival is great, but the outcome is worth every single sacrifice. In this message, we will count the cost for experiencing true revival.

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